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Drop-off & Pick Up

Door 1 is the only area where students should be dropped off before school and/or picked up after school.

Parent/Guardian Transportation: When you as parents/guardians choose to transport your students, you are asked to drop your children off at and pick them up from an area that does not interfere with bus unloading and loading. IIS/C-I STEAM families should use door 1 for drop off and/or pickup. A word of caution: Do not leave your vehicle if you are in a no-parking zone identified by a yellow curb. This is a Fire Lane and you may be ticketed by a police officer for illegal parking. Expectations to help our traffic areas run more smoothly:

  • Have your child ready to exit the vehicle. All items should be in their backpack and/or in their hands.
  • Unless parked in the lot, adults should not exit their vehicle to assist their child.
  • For their safety, students should exit the vehicle on the curbside (right side of the vehicle) and not pass in between other cars.
  • Do not park on the crosswalk.
  • Use your signal when leaving the curb.

Traffic Flow Around the School: As a matter of safety, traffic flow near the school is controlled to avoid the mixing of bus traffic and automobile traffic. Parents/guardians dropping off before school or picking up after school should do so in front of the building at Door 1. No unoccupied vehicles are allowed along the curb.