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3 volunteer coordinators

Volunteers are vital to the success of our schools. Stay informed, build connections, and join the fun!

Limited on time, but still want to help?  Check out the REQUESTED ITEMS to see how you can help.

Interested in learning more about the district's Care Closet needs? Check out the CARE CLOSET to see how you can help.

To learn more contact your Volunteer Coordinator today.



Volunteering FAQ

Key Contacts

Angela Lindell

Volunteer Coordinator
Cambridge-Isanti Schools, Isanti Intermediate School, Isanti Primary School, Cambridge-Isanti STEAM School

Amy Huntley

Volunteer Coordinator
Cambridge Primary School, Cambridge Intermediate School, Cambridge-Isanti Schools, Early Childhood

Nicki Hasser

Volunteer Coordinator
Cambridge-Isanti High School, Cambridge-Isanti Schools, Cambridge Middle School, Isanti Middle School